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I'm an Accredited Photographer now!

I started my journey with the Professional Photographers of Canada association after the Conference in November of last year. As part of joining the association as an Observer Member, I quickly determined that I wanted to get my Accreditation and earn the ability to call myself an Accredited Professional Photographer.

There are a variety of different categories that one can become accredited in - however, I chose one near to my heart to start with - Mining. The process sounds simple. Submit 10 images from 10 different days for judging in which the judges will consider each image: Vision, Impact, Composition, and Technical merit. Images are then deemed to be Accepted as successful submissions or not.

Judging happens four times per year and I submitted at my first possible opportunity in February of 2021. Five images were accepted in that first round. I waited several more months for the next submission period - this time only two images were accepted. I only needed three more images to complete my overall submission! In July I enter for the third time and this time only a single image was accepted. I was starting to get a bit defeated in the process and with how my progress had continued to slow with each submission. I submitted the final two images in October and can thankfully say both were accepted!

I did it! An Accredited Photographer in Mining Photography. As a Mining Engineer, it seems like the most fitting accreditation I could have received first! Next, Aerial and Real Estate Accreditations

Below you will find the successful 10 images for my Mining submission - Enjoy!

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