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Finally, a Portrait Focused Accreditation

If you didn't know - I have been a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada since last 2020. Over the last 3 years I have secured three different Accreditations in, Mining, Real Estate and Aerial Photography. The last of which I finalized just over a year ago in September 2022.

The last submission of 2023 felt like an appropriate time to stretch some new muscles and start the process of a new accreditation submission! I have been shooting portraits for years, but up until now all of my accreditations have not featured people. This felt like something that needed to change as a Fort McMurray Portrait Photographer.

In the past I have normally received some feedback on submitted images and have needed several resubmission to pass the overall accreditation. Though, for the first time ever - I was successful on my very first submission! I am happy to present my Environmental Portrait Accreditation below:

I pride myself in holding professional designated accreditations from the only Canadian Association for Professional Photographers. I am now the only photographer in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo to hold an accreditation in Environmental Portrait Photography.

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