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4th Time's the Charm - My Latest Accreditation

Up until now, I have had two accreditations from the Professional Photographers of Canada. My first, was the Mining Accreditation which allowed me to call myself an Accredited Professional Photographer. More recently this summer I obtained my Aerial Accreditation - click the hyperlinks if you want to check out those posts and their galleries!

Many people may not know that I actually shoot a lot of Real Estate Photography for a variety of Realtors in town! It is actually how I started my journey into photography and what lead my business to grow to what it is today - it's just not something I share much of on social media. For the most part, it's not something the average person wants to see in their feed! It was surprising and frustrating that this one has been the most difficult one to successfully complete - which I suppose, in turn, makes the success even sweeter! 4 Submissions over the course of a year and a half, but I finally have it - my Real Estate Accreditation. Below you will see the Images that earned it for me:

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